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Category : General 21 Jan 2010 12:36 PM
As an SME you probably have a small in-house IT support provision, so small indeed that it might just be a single-person. This may well be fine, keeping your IT systems ticking over and making the odd small developments, until that key person in your IT set-up leaves. Suddenly all that time and money you spent on helping them through their MSCE or Red Hat certification has gone out of the window (no pun intended) and it could take weeks to get a replacement - meanwhile what can you do for things like your server support.
Remote control of your networks.
One solution for you is to get one of the top Hong Kong IT services providers, like Dual Layer Systems Solutions, to look after your network solutions for you remotely. Using the latest internet facilities a Hong Kong IT consultancy can establish connections to your networks and monitor, control and develop them - wherever you might be located. These connections can be quickly established and might not even require the IT services provider; you choose to do the work, needing to visit your site. Once the connection is established they will be able to save you inordinate amounts of time and money by ensuring that your IT systems remain up, online and functioning to maximum efficiency. Such computer support by remote control is a type of IT outsourcing; and like any outsourcing arrangement you can enter into either short or long term agreements, exactly to meet your needs.
What services can you expect from a remote control agreement?
The level of service you get from a remote control agreement will vary according to the standard of professionalism of the IT support provider you go to. That doesn’t mean to say that it has to be expensive, but by using one of the better Hong Kong based IT outsourcing companies you can rely on them to deliver exactly what is in the contract - as their reputation will be as important to them as any monetary payments. A major question that arises in remote control agreements is - how can I be sure someone will respond to my queries? Inevitably there will be times when you want to raise queries with the remote outsourcing company. So, check that they will assign a specific engineer or technician to your agreement, with clear protocols to follow if that person isn’t available. Also, in the event of a problem occurring, it might be important for any member of your staff to contact the remote control team; so ask if they can install a customer applet on every PC - so that any user can easily contact the remote IT support company.
Remote control over the internet - is it safe?
You would be quite right to be concerned about just how good will be the network security systems they apply when dealing with your servers remotely. After all, the safety of all your financial, customer and possibly sensitive business data on the servers is of the utmost importance. This again is a point that the IT outsourcing company should be able to demonstrate to you that their methods are entirely secure. When talking to them look for comments about using things like 256 SSL encryption and compliance with local Data Protection and privacy laws. The network access should be multi-level and permission based with an automatic revocation, log-out if you prefer, when a session is terminated and, finally, they should be using at least MD5 hash security for file transfers.