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Category : General 03 Dec 2009 03:13 AM
Managed services, such as those offered by a professional and reputable IT consultancy such as Dual Layer, is quite simply arranging to have your IT services and IT support provided by a third party company. These services and support will include supplying infra-structure and software, as well as managing your systems and providing rapid responses to any problems or issues that may arise. Indeed the very best providers of IT solutions in Hong Kong, such as Dual layer, will be highly proactive in their approach being a managed IT service provider that, should any problems arise, you’ll often find that they’re solved before you’re even aware of them.
What should you expect from an IT managed services company?
The following lists what you can expect to receive from a full IT management service. The first thing to be assured of is that even if your business is a 24/7 one - then so are your IT managed services. This does not require a representative of the IT outsourcing business to be ever present on your premises, as they will arrange to give you proactive 24/7 remote server and network monitoring - which only require minimal on-site visits for hardware support. Needless to say your network security and design is of the utmost priority and the remote services you receive will include all aspects of security from user profiles to anti-hacking measures and even preventing spam email form clogging up your system. Apart from being able to service your back-up routines the ideal computer support to have in an emergency is a disaster recovery service. By keeping a remote back-up, off your site, in the event of a complete wipe-out of your IT services a company like Dual Layer can have you back up and working within hours. Finally, in the event of you reporting a problem to the managed services company you want to know that it will be dealt with promptly and efficiently. So if the IT services provider can’t offer a ‘Help Desk Ticketing’ system and Service Level Agreements with guaranteed response times - look elsewhere.
IT managed services costs.
Whilst most large organizations will have their own in-house IT services, SMEs can often make the mistake of believing that they don’t need to spend money on their own IT services. Instead of adopting a proactive approach to their IT they’d rather carry on with just having old Joe, or Joanna, rushing around the offices trying to sort everything out. Which can be fine until something serious occurs - grinding the whole business to a standstill and costing the firm serious money. Which is where spending a little can pay dividends. The outline above, of what you can expect from an IT management service, can be tailored to meet your budget and can be offered on a contract or a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. So do be assured that even a complex managed IT service can be affordable. Having a fixed contract with an IT services provider allows you to budget throughout the year for your IT support and is the best way to ensure not only that your IT system is always at the peak of performance - but that your all important IT security isn’t breached. Fixed contracts mean that you pay one price per month - regardless of how much support and work you need. The alternative, requesting a ‘pay-as-you-go’ method of paying for your IT management could be sensible if you have no, or very few, problems normally. However, if your IT systems are problematic ones - then a contract will always be better value for money.