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Category : Managed Services 25 Nov 2009 05:00 AM
At some time or other you’re going to need to extend your existing business information and communications network. Such a big task is not undertaken lightly and could involve anything from adding workstations, to installing new servers or even in extreme cases replacing all of the network hardware. However you intend to extend or update your IT network, you will need expert advice and guidance from an IT integration service such as that provided by Dual Layer Systems Solutions.
Assessing an existing network.
Unless you were to be in the fortunate position of being able to start with a clean sheet for any systems designs and implementations you require, you first need to establish exactly what is in your existing network. You may well think you know all the operating systems and applications software that you use, but you can be amazed at how many ‘extra little’ things get added over the years to keep your network running. For example, what about that little routine you had developed for you all those years ago so you could still use that favorite/specialized old printer? It is missing out on those sorts of details that can cost you stress and, more importantly, losses in productivity if your new extended network solution doesn’t cover all of the legacy issues.
New hardware and software.
After the assessment of the existing network, will come the question of what exactly should you do to extend your network? Depending on the age of the existing system - things may well have moved on somewhat since it was installed. Extending a network is no longer just a question of adding a few workstations or a new server. The very best IT support providers in Hong Kong will advise you as to the best type of network extension you should consider. As well as including advice on applications and operating systems they can discuss with you the pros and cons of low cost horizontally scalable servers, compared to larger vertically scalable ones with multi-domain servers or even if a thin client network architecture would be appropriate.
Systems Integration.
Everyone wants to increase their profit margins and having a back-end system capable of dealing with the full range of eCommerce is, of course, these days an essential example of systems integration. Once the appropriate IT security has been installed there is absolutely no reason that you cannot then consider integrating eCommerce to your systems. Dual layer Systems Solutions can provide all of the systems solutions necessary for online payment services, sales ordering and processing, customer/client databases and, if required, even a call center set-up.
On-going support.
It would be all too easy for an IT outsourcing provider to extend your existing network and then simply leave you to it. However, the more professional and reputable Hong Kong IT services providers, like Dual Layer, will also be able to offer you on-going network and PC support for as long as you feel it is required. This sort of extended service can include helping you with further server support as well as that for general systems and applications software.