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Thinking about a Windows Upgrade
Category : General 05 Nov 2009 05:33 AM
OK, pay attention in class and hands up all those who are going to upgrade to Windows 7? Well, if you’re a business user and you did put your hand up having seen one of the TV adverts for the new Windows 7, perhaps you’d better think about consulting with one of the professional Hong Kong IT services beforehand. The reason is quite simple, that advert you saw on TV was aimed at home users - not business users.
Windows 7 developments and home users.
Watching the TV adverts for Windows 7 you’d wonder how we ever managed to live our lives in computing terms before its incarnation. Windows 95 was a leap forward from the old Windows 3; then Windows XP made the next exponential leap, and in fairness it did truly make home networking a reality for all; all but the biggest dimwits that is! However, exactly how much of a leap forward Windows 7 will prove to be is, well exactly that - waiting for the proof after all the hype. Even as a home user upgrading to Windows 7 could create problems for you if not done correctly. Fortunately there are plenty of user-friendly computer support companies in Hong Kong, like Dual Layer systems solutions, on hand to help you out.
Business users thinking of upgrading to Windows 7.
For small businesses or those without their own in-house PC support, you really shouldn’t even contemplate upgrading your PCs to Windows 7 without first seeking advice from an IT consultancy in Hong Kong. The reason for this is quite simple, and is actually the same for home computer users too, legacy issues! Despite all the apparent assurances from Microsoft that upgrading to, or installing, Windows 7 will lead you into some sort of nirvana where you never have any technical computing issues again - just can’t be relied on. Whilst no one would doubt that all the guys at the Redmond HQ have tried to include all the possible drivers for all the possible computer peripherals and routines to keep all your favorite applications running - but they just simply will not have covered all the bases. This is where you need an IT consultancy capable of offering an integration service to your company and, most likely, network solutions to help you to seamlessly incorporate any new PCs with the Windows 7 operating system. Unfortunately without seeking such expert advice you run the risk of both software and hardware that you have relied on for years either refusing to load or work at all or, and sometimes this can be even worse in the case of software, seeming to work initially and then failing to perform a certain operation correctly.
How can an IT support provider help with Windows 7?
A professional IT support provider can help you by first of all running an audit of all the software and hardware in use on your computer systems/network. By doing this they will quickly be able to identify any problems that are likely to arise during a Windows 7 upgrade, ahead of actually starting the upgrade. A truly professional and competent IT consultancy in Hong Kong might even advise you against proceeding with the upgrade, or at least to postpone the upgrade, if they believe that it could actually cause significant disruption to your IT activities and will require a lot of extra work to counter the legacy issues they find. Otherwise, the IT services provider will, of course, be willing and able to ensure that your upgrade proceeds with the minimum of fuss and disruption.