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Benefits Of IT Outsourcing For SMBs.
Category : General 28 Jan 2010 10:27 AM
It’s a simple enough question - have you ever thought about the benefits of IT outsourcing for SMBs? For any business, running an IT department is an expensive necessity but does having effective and efficient IT support that is invaluable to the overall success of a business - really have to be expensive?. SMBs (small to medium size businesses, also known as SMEs - small to medium enterprises) can find themselves between a rock and hard place when it comes to making sure that their internal IT support is helping the business, rather than draining money from it. They know IT support is needed, but running their own IT department can, and does, become a serious drain on any SMBs finances.
The alternative to ‘in house’ IT support.
The alternative to having your own IT department, or ‘in-house’ IT services, is to contact one of the professional and reputable Hong Kong IT services providers and discuss with them what they can offer by way of IT outsourcing. IT outsourcing, sometimes called IT Managed Services, simply means engaging a specialist and experienced external IT services provider to assist, or even replace, your current and expensive ‘in-house’ IT staff; to operate and maintain your IT infrastructure. Being highly experienced, qualified and professional the IT consultancy undertaking the IT outsourcing will increase the effectiveness of your IT operations - thereby improving the business you are engaged in. The improvements to your IT operations will be achieved by you receiving the very highest levels of quality in IT delivery, maintenance and strategic planning of your IT services to encompass and prepare for the future. All of which will provide you with incredible cost effectiveness compared to employing your own IT department and will be answerable to measurable service levels.
Some benefits of IT outsourcing.
Whilst reducing your IT costs might initially be a primary concern in outsourcing your IT support, costs shouldn’t be the only motivating factor in deciding to go for IT outsourcing. The range of IT skills and knowledge that you can access through an IT outsourcing contract are far beyond those that any SMB can personally expect to employ. The reason for this isn’t just the salary you might be able to offer an IT employee - but the fact that you will be utilizing the services of an IT outsourcing consultancy. The key term there is ‘consultancy’ and their IT professionals will not only understand the IT aspects that they are involved with, but will also understand how to best allocate and develop the IT resources to further the success of your business. Put another way, they’re not just IT geeks, but IT business professionals. On a day-to-day basis the amount of support you need may well be minimal; in which case having your own expensive IT department is surely illogical. With outsourced IT support, if that is the case, the cost of your IT outsourcing contract will reflect it. However, should you suddenly need some serious server support or decide to look for new network solutions etc - the IT outsourcing provider, already knowing your current systems designs and implementations, is ideally placed to offer you the extra help you need.
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