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Virtual Private Servers For Your Business
Category : General 12 Mar 2010 10:17 AM
Having the most effective and reliable hosting environment that is also at a cost effective price for your web presence, will inevitably be one of your major concerns. To provide you with a web hosting solution to meet those criteria perhaps it’s time you considered virtual private servers from a specialist IT consultancy in Hong Kong.
Virtual Private Servers.
So, what are virtual private servers? Commonly referred to as VPS - virtual private servers give you the cost benefits of using shared hosting web servers with the performance and added security of using dedicated servers. Virtual Private Servers do this by using specially designed partitions inside a conventional hardware server - creating a virtual server web solution for your internet services. However, this isn’t simply some fancy way of describing a shared hosting server; as on a VPS system each partition can run its own operating system (Windows or Open Source/Linux) in an entirely private and secure environment from any other neighboring partitions. This means, regarding your VPS partition you have root level access - although you are in fact sharing the hardware with others. In other words, it will appear to you that you are operating a dedicated server - but at a cost more like that of a shared one.
The advantages of using VPS.
When you agree to a VPS hosting package the IT services provider you work with will do all of the initial setting up for you. They will ensure that the hardware your VPS is stored on will always have sufficient RAM and CPU resources to deliver the services you require for your websites and internet functions. Having full root access in your partition you might need some tools to help you set things up; and so the more professional of the Hong Kong IT services can supply you with control panel tools to configure and administer your virtual private server - controlling things like DNS, scripting, statistics etc.
Do you need an IT support team to use a VPS?.
The VPS control panel is designed to make the administration of your website and other web functions as straight forward as possible. However, with the root level access available to you through a VPS you can install any software you like onto the web server and so it is necessary to have some understanding of how web servers work from an administrators point of view - in order to keep your VPS running at maximum efficiency. However, if you’re a SMB in Hong Kong you might not have your own IT department with the capacity to look after a VPS. If that is the case then you can, of course, outsource the configuration and management of your VPS to an IT consultancy in Hong Kong instead.
Support for your VPS.
Whether you go for a fully outsourced VPS package or just arrange to have a VPS hosting environment that you are responsible for - you’ll want to know what sort of support will be available to you; so here are the things to look for in your support agreements with a VPS server support company based in Hong Kong. As a minimum the VPS provider should agree to fix, and fix quickly, any hardware failures and to keep maintenance and replacement procedures up to date. They should be constantly monitoring the network to check that your VPS is connected and that if you choose not to operate your own control panel that they can do it for you. If you choose to outsource the administration of your control panel then check that they will at least: keep the operating system secure and up to date, resolve any scripting errors, have sole responsibility for backing up your VPS (as well as a disaster recovery procedure) and can support any custom applications you might require/use.
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