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Managed Hosted Exchange Server
Category : Managed Services 19 Mar 2010 09:46 AM
Seeing the words ‘exchange server’ many business managers could be forgiven for presuming that a managed hosted exchange server is simply referring to the well known email hosting and sharing systems. However, in modern terms whilst a managed hosted exchange server will ensure you can access your email from anywhere and at anytime - it is an entirely more professional service offered by only the very best Hong Kong IT services providers, whose experienced and qualified IT engineers can manage and maintain it for you - leaving you free to get on with your core task of running your business.
Why you need a managed hosted exchange service.
You’ll probably have an email service provided by your web hosting company, but the email server support offered by them won’t be as comprehensive as having a managed hosted exchange server to service your emails. After all, all that your web hosting company will do is give you access to your emails via webmail or to an email client on your desktop. However, with so many SMBs needing to use a variety of devices these days in their business, the need to also be able to quickly access your emails on hand-held devices, such as a Smartphone, can make it difficult to keep track of your emails. Which is precisely why you need help making sure that all of the devices are being fully and properly integrated into a system capable of controlling your email inputs and outputs - a managed hosted exchange server.
What about your calendars and contacts?.
Remember that an email service shouldn’t just manage and maintain your emails. Think of all the potential devices that are in your company capable of also arranging meetings, organizing deadlines, collecting customer information etc. Having these things on several different devices is an incredibly inefficient way of organizing, or rather disorganizing, your calendar and contact information. Asking an IT consultancy in Hong Kong to work with you on a managed hosted exchange server will mean that any device connected to the internet can access any of the email, calendar or contact information for your business any place and any time - now that’s business efficiency.
A professional system.
The highly trained staff in your chosen IT support provider can deliver for you a fully managed service responsible not only for the delivery of your email system but also its security and integrity - two things important to any business that will have ‘market sensitive’ data in its email communications. This will not just be for Windows Mobile devices using ActiveSync/Direct Push technology but also for cell phone systems - like iPhone (ActiveSync) and Blackberry (push email) too.
Your fully managed email solution.
You can talk to any of the Hong Kong IT services providers offering managed hosting exchange servers to discuss what they offer in more detail and, of course, their costs. Cost is always an important factor, but you will find that a hosted service will actually be less expensive on a yearly basis than trying to manage all of your messaging and collaboration data in-house. Don’t forget as well that with a managed service you will get a full 24/7 support service and, if you should wish to, can still take full control over your system whenever you may wish to.
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