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Why do Hard Disk Drives Crash?
Category : IT Infrastructure Setup 25 Sep 2009 10:55 AM
Let's face it, the worst case scenario anyone with a PC can face is a hard drive failure, invariably prompting people to ask Hong Kong IT services providers "why do hard disk drives crash"? For some unknown reason many people seem to think that the components in a computer will carry on for ever. In actual fact a computer is like any other electronic or even mechanical device in that over time some of the components will fail. Hard disk drive faults fall into four main categories; firmware, electronic, mechanical or logical.
Failures due to firmware.
Hard disk firmware is actually a piece of systems software, embedded on the hard disk that controls the hard disks operations. If this software becomes corrupted and unreadable, then the hard disk cannot read its own instructions as to what it should do and will have to stop working. Symptoms that this is the cause of a hard disk failure are the hard disk apparently spinning when the motor is powered up, but it is not being recognized and booting properly so that the computer can be used. To recover your data from a hard drive that has crashed due to firmware failure and to replace the hard drive - you should consult with competent systems solutions IT support provider in Hong Kong like Dual Layer Solutions.
Mechanical failure.
This invariably means that the power unit driving your hard disk has failed. This is a relatively simple problem to solve for most Hong Kong IT services. However, if you're unlucky a mechanical component inside the hard disk, like the read/write arm could have physically broken. In the former case your hard disk and data are quite safe and can be re-accessed once a new power unit is fitted; suspect this failure if you hear no sound on turning on the computer. That latter case is more serious and will require the data to be recovered and a new hard disk to be installed. Clicking or ticking noises when the hard disk is turned on could indicate an internal hard disk failure.
Failure due to logical errors.
These are another relatively easy disk crash to repair for one of the local expert computer support companies. Logical errors are due to problems with file allocation tables, corrupt filing systems and even really badly fragmented drives. Once given a 'health check' with their specialist computer repair tools by someone like Dual Layer Solutions and your PC will probably be back to working as good as new. Logical errors usually manifest themselves with an ever declining performance by your PC, with the hard disk becoming slower and slower to load and save data and programs.
DIY hard disk repairs.
Do think twice before being tempted to try and carry out any of these repairs yourself. Whilst most operating systems do have 'in-built' software to help with logical errors a specialist IT support provider will have access to a far greater range of software tools. When replacing hard drives, power units or motherboards - you have to be 100% sure that they are compatible with all the other computer components, an area where your Hong Kong IT services are experts. Finally, the best and most reliable IT services providers will also have 'clean air' environments to carry out computer repairs, removing the risk of contaminating another part of the PC when repairing a hard disk failure