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How to Get More Traffic to Your Website
Category : General 05 Aug 2009 09:36 AM
The following are just some of the many tips and ideas that you can follow to get more traffic to your website. Some of them you can do for free, some of them you'll need to pay for and some of them you might need to consult with one of the better and reliable Hong Kong IT services, renowned for their work in improving website traffic such as Dual Layer IT Solutions.
Simple and basic ideas.
If your website was produced for you by an external web solutions IT consultancy, you might prefer to return to them and ask them to do the work for you, after all you wouldn't want to do something incorrectly and end up with less traffic visiting you rather than more! However, if you feel confident and competent enough yourself you can try out these ideas. The very simplest thing to do is make sure you register your website with all the major search engines - so that they know you're there rather than waiting for them to discover you. This is fairly simple to do, but can be time time-consuming as you need to register your details with more than just Google. Apart from Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Lycos there are some 20 other search engines you need to register with. Indeed this can be so time consuming it really can pay to get an IT services provider to do it for you. The next thing to check is your META tags, these are part of the code used to produce your web pages and contain the keywords that search engines look for. It is essential that your META tags and page titles help the search engines match what people are looking for to your website. However, there's a lot more to META tags than just re-writing your 'keywords' list; so it may well be worthwhile asking a website design and development team what the ideal META tags would be for your website.
Further ideas.
It is important to remember that website design and programming doesn't end as soon as the website is up and running. The same as owning a motorcar it needs regular checking and servicing to make sure it's working to its peak of performance. Having lots of free, original and high quality content in your website is an effective way of attracting visitors to it. So, make sure that your website has plenty of content to help people solve their problems or find information not available elsewhere. The content needs to be well written and original in order to appeal to a broad spectrum of visitors. Even just having the current content of your website checked for spellings and grammar can pay dividends in terms of website traffic. You will probably need to ask a webdesign consulting company for help with the next idea, which is to link your website to others. Having what are called reciprocal links, where you link your website to another and vice-versa, is very important as many search engines use the number of links to your website as a guide to how 'important' your website is and, therefore, how it figures in the search engine rankings. However, there is also a technique to making sure you're linked with other high quality websites, not any old low quality one that will quickly dump you. Improving your page ranking is all about getting noticed and branching out into the social networking websites is another way of spreading the news that your website exists and has something to interest potential readers/customers. Using an integration service will help you to ensure that you maximize the potential all of the latest internet services. We’ve not even mentioned FAVICONS, banners, scripts or a host of other things that you can also read about on the internet. There is absolutely no excuse for not being able to improve the traffic visiting your website, if you can do it yourself - great, otherwise contact one of the excellent web solutions companies in Hong Kong.