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Making the Most of Your Email System
Category : General 05 Aug 2009 09:47 AM
It might seem an odd question but are you making the most of your email system? OK, so you are sending out emails to clients and customers for a whole variety of reasons regarding queries, appointments, work progress, billing, general information and even newsletters etc. But how do you know if any of the emails you send out are even opened, let alone read? Consider the following especially in the context of sending out newsletters or promotional material to existing clients, in an html format with embedded hyperlinks for further details or information. By sending these emails to existing clients - you can address the email to an individual and so avoid the email being treated as 'spam' by a simple email filter. But whether or not that email gets opened and read will still depend on its importance to the recipient. No matter how much effort you might put into an email or how relevant and important it might be to you or the recipient - if they don’t at least open it, there's no way that the information you've sent them can have any impact on them at all.
Adapt a marketing strategy with your emails.
Some folk will just keep on battering their heads against a brick wall hoping it will give way - only to exhaust themselves on a lost cause. Repeatedly sending out emails, when you have no idea whether they're being read or not, is a similar course of action. You need to adopt a marketing approach to these emails and newsletters. To do that you need to know what's being successful in your emails and what's not. Fortunately that doesn't mean you need to go calling all the clients to ask if they've opened and read the emailed newsletters, or even asking them which bits of it they found interesting.
Solutions in email marketing.
By contacting one of the top IT consultancies in Hong Kong, like Dual Layer IT Solutions, they can advise you on how to best organize your servers to ensure a 100% reliable in-house and external email system. Even better they can advise you how you can mount an email marketing campaign that can return to you information and statistics on how many of the emails were opened and, by monitoring how many links inside the email were 'clicked' on, how many of the emails were actually read. The monitoring of which links are clicked on is a vital part of the email campaign. This provides you with two important pieces of information, one of which is statistical. First, using the statistics you will be able to gain an overall picture of the products and services people are most interested in and those which you might want to drop from your campaign. Secondly, by being able to determine which clients are selecting particular links - you can then target them with further emails. These emails might just be further information or seeking appointments for your sales staff - in other words, you can now tailor the emails you send to the individual's interests and needs.