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Category : General 27 Oct 2012 11:07 AM | Industry News
The malicious element is actually a toolbar that’s designed to cleverly hijack the start pages of all browsers installed on the victims’ computers. read more »
Category : General 22 Oct 2012 11:56 AM | Industry News
According to a security roundup by Trend Micro, the number of high risk and dangerous apps that are targeting Android users has risen, from 30,000 in June to 175,000 in September. read more »
Category : General 17 Oct 2012 05:37 AM | Industry News
Kaspersky has announced that it is in the process of developing a secure operating system (OS) to protect industrial control systems used in industry/infrastructure. read more »
Category : General 15 Oct 2012 05:45 AM | Industry News
A new cyberespionage tool linked to the Flame virus has been infecting computers in Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere, security researchers said. read more »
Category : General 09 Oct 2012 07:30 AM | Industry News
A malicious worm spreading through Skype instant messages threatens to take control of a victim's machine and hold its contents for ransom. read more »
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