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Kiwi spammer Lance Atkinson has been fined US$15.1 Million
Category : General 03 Dec 2009 08:47 AM | Industry News
Kiwi spammer Lance Atkinson has been fined US$ 15.1 million by a US judge for his role in a spamming operation.
He admitted his involvement in sending millions of email messages marketing "male enhancement" drugs and weight loss pills to internet users around the world. He was fined $100,000 in High Court last year December.
Taking its own action US Federal Trade Commission found Atkinson to be the ring leader. Atkinson and US spammer Jody Smith recruited spammers from around world, and send billions of messages through compromised computers.
The claimed the medicines came from a US licensed pharmacy and approved by FDA
Smith is waiting to be sentenced. He is facing upto 5 years in prison.