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Category : General 21 Jan 2010 10:14 AM | Industry News
The problem with eBook readers, like the Kindle, is that they are simply too big and bulky. Remember the Apple Newton of some 15 years ago, if you do then you’ll know that in all that time so called small mobile devices for reading text haven’t really moved on very much at all. However, as revealed last week in Las Vegas, the ‘Skiff’ just could change all that.
The ‘Skiff’, developed by the Hearst Corporation, is basically a flexible thin sheet of steel, not even as thick as a CD case, and offers a 290mm screen at a resounding 1200x1600 pixels. Two other important details for a modern mobile device are that it can connect to the web by Wi-Fi and 3G networks, but if dropped it will not crack and shatter. OK, so why the interest in another eBook reader? The significance of this development is that it could be the device of choice to finally interest newspapers into going fully and independently digital, rather than relying on conventional websites for internet publishing. ‘Skiff’ just could allow newspapers to be digitally published and read in a manner similarly to having the old fashioned newsprint in your hand.