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Building Confidence in Cloud Computing
Category : IT Infrastructure Setup 22 Jan 2010 07:11 AM | Industry News
Privacy and security are at the forefront of the software giant's push for legislation that would support cloud computing and new regulations that would ensure its privacy protections. For Microsoft, the move aims to press the federal government into modernizing law and policy that would encourage and protect the industry's cloud-based offerings.
Microsoft today made an emphatic pitch in the nation's capital urging Congress to enact legislation to support cloud computing, calling for a federal mandate to codify security and privacy protections for data stored on remote servers.
Here at the Brookings Institution think tank, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith argued for the need to modernize the legal framework overseeing information technology to keep pace with the rapid migration to the cloud.
"In order to make the cloud a success, those of us in industry need to pursue new initiatives to address issues such as privacy and security," Smith said. "At the same time, the private sector cannot meet all of these challenges alone. We need Congress to modernize the laws, adapt them to the cloud, and adopt new measures to protect privacy and promote security."
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