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Apple iPad Launched
Category : General 28 Jan 2010 11:01 AM | Industry News
Pretty well 26 years to the day since the first Apple Mac was released to the world, you would have been forgiven for thinking that the “second coming” was upon us, for all the fuss and hype that led up to the launch of the latest Apple gadget - the iPad. Having said that there can be no doubt that Apple enthusiast will be keen to get their hands on one. But as yet, an hour after the launch, there’s no mention of the iPad on the Apple website.
Described by Apple CEO Steve Jobs as “a truly magical and revolutionary product”, you can only presume he must have been AWOL a few years back when companies like Acer etc were launching Microsoft tablet PCs. Yes it has a touch keyboard, yes it looks all sleek and sexy; but so far the exact details on things like prices and availability were not forthcoming from Steve. The only indication on price is that industry insiders are talking about a starting price of $500 to $600. However, don’t think for that sort of price you’ll be getting an Apple computer. Oh no, this machine is far more akin to the sort of Netbooks that you can get for anything from $300. Needless to say Steve did a slick job showing how it can do emails (woo!), surf the web (wow!) and show you photos (cor!) etc - although for some reason he wasn’t keen to show how you could use a VoIP service like Skype on it, I wonder why?