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Flash or HTML for your website?
Category : General 04 Feb 2010 05:05 AM | Insider News
A side-effect of the launch last week of the iPad is - has the end of the road arrived for Flash? Why, well Apple has now announced that the iPad won’t support Flash on its Safari browser. Then if, and yes it is currently a big if, the iPad sells well will many websites feel compelled to drop Flash content. Stand by for a classic stand-off between Adobe and Apple on this one, as Adobe prepare to launch Flash 10.1 designed to improve delivery to Smart-Phones, they’re obviously not concerned about the slice of the market that the iPhone has, which like its big brother doesn’t support Flash either.
So, why exactly are Apple so sure of themselves that they can dismiss (or should that be diss) Adobe and Flash. The answer is to be found in the new technologies coming on board in the next generation of HTML. HTML 5 is now close to emulating all of the functionality found in Flash - including the all important video and games. 2010 just could become the year that website designers and web developers can say goodbye to paying Adobe $100s every time they launch a new version of Flash to get decent animations etc on the web. Meanwhile of course, I suspect it won’t be long before there will be a lot of very disgruntled iPad owners!