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Petition to phase out IE6 filed at Downing Street
Category : General 05 Feb 2010 12:47 PM | Industry News
The petition argues that IE6 "has some security flaws that leave users vulnerable" and that we should follow the examples set by the French and German governments, who recommend that users should upgrade their browser to a newer version.
Mr Frydman points to the fact that the French and German government have encouraged their own citizens to move away from Internet Explorer 6.
He added that "Most creative and software development companies are forced by government department clients to build websites for IE6 when most of the industry has moved on.”
The UK Government however has been very clear in its stance, saying that it continue to support Internet Explorer 6 with the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Home Office, Lord West of Spithead, saying that "There is no evidence that moving from the latest fully patched versions of Internet Explorer is any less secure than other browsers."
We take internet security very seriously and we have worked with Microsoft and other suppliers over many years to understand the security of the products used by HMG, including Internet Explorer.
“A government user, operating on government systems, such as the Government Secure Intranet (GSi), will benefit from additional security measures, unlikely to be available to the average home computer user. These include tools which actively monitor for evidence of any malicious attacks,” he said.
However, one government department has made it abundantly clear that it has little faith in IE6.
Late last week the Department of Health told NHS trusts whose systems were running on Windows 2000 or XP to switch to version 7 of Microsoft's browser.