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Category : General 10 Feb 2010 10:07 AM | Industry News
Be aware that the Beta version of Microsoft Office 2010 is out and available for reviewing and feedback to Redwood, with the full product expected to hit the stores later in the year. So, the $64,000 question of course is - what can you expect to find in the latest version of this never-ending product?
First off, although it won’t cost $64,000 - it’ll just seem that it will, or will it? MS has for years been getting away with charging countless millions of Office users for a product that most of us only barely scratch the surface with, when it comes to using all the facilities embedded within it. That’s been true whether you’ve bought the full professional versions or even the budget student versions. However, this time MS just might have done something sensible with the latest incarnation of MS Office, and could be putting Google’s nose out of joint too, by including online and other mobile device versions - that you don’t need to buy the whole package for and that you can access from any browser with a Window Live login. This will undoubtedly help at least spread the cost of using Office for occasional users and be a tremendous boost for anyone needing to work collaboratively in Office over the internet.
However, there has to be a however with MS doesn’t there. As I was saying, however, quite how many people MS actually think will need/want to interrupt a presentation they’re doing in PowerPoint on a USB stick to update data online and then continue - I can’t imagine. Which is where the problem lies; just because someone once wanted to do that or perhaps just thought “hey what great idea if …” - doesn’t mean it HAS to be in the next version of MS Office. So, quite honestly, MS Office 2010 will be great for “power users on the go”, but as it stands the vast majority of non-corporate users really ought to also look at the free OpenOffice as an alternative.