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IBM launches 'green' Power7 systems
Category : General 11 Feb 2010 05:02 AM | Industry News
IBM has announced new software designed to help customers address the growing need to maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs associated with power and cooling. The software is part of IBM's Project Big Green initiative in which IBM has committed $1 billion per year to deliver technologies that help customers increase energy efficiency in their data centers and physical plants.
IBM's new Power7 processors provide the foundation for several new Unix server offerings from the company. Each Power7 processor has up to eight cores and four threads per core. Power7 also features "TurboCore" mode and has "intelligent threads," meaning the number of threads varies depending on the workload.
The Power7 has a TurboCore mode, which is optimized for database and other transaction-oriented workloads. This runs with four cores active and with most of the resources from the other four cores behind the eight active cores. Doing this gives the four active cores more cache memory and memory bandwidth and increases their clock speeds.
  • IBM Power 770, a modular enterprise system with up to 64 POWER7 cores, featuring higher performance per core than POWER6 processors and using up to 70 percent less energy for the same number of cores as the IBM Power 570.
  • IBM Power 755, a high-performance computing cluster node with 32 POWER7 cores, Energy Star qualified for energy efficiency, and optimized for challenging analytic workloads.
  • IBM Power 750 Express, an Energy Star qualified business server for mid-market clients offering four times the processing capacity of its predecessor, the IBM Power 550 Express, in the same energy envelope and 10 times the performance of a comparable HP Integrity rx6600, according to IBM. The company also claims that the Power 750 is three times more energy efficient than the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440.
POWER7 technology features "Intelligent Threads" that can dynamically vary based on workload demand. With more threads, POWER7 can deliver more total capacity as more tasks are accomplished in parallel, such as monitoring the energy usage of millions of households by the minute in a smart grid.
The company has signed up eMeter, one of the principal suppliers of smart-grid systems in the UK, as a customer for the Power7 systems. eMeter's smart-grid systems are offered in the UK via ElectraLink, a supplier of infrastructure and consulting services to British utilities companies.