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Opera open source project Dragonfly
Category : General 01 Mar 2010 09:30 AM | Industry News
Opera has announced that Opera Dragonfly a fully open source project, is now hosted on BitBucket. Since the inception of Opera Dragonfly, Opera had planned for it to become an opera source project. It has always been relased under an open source BSD licence, but the source repositories were on Opera servers.
Opera launches open source project Dragonfly for business
The browser maker moves the Dragonfly debugging toolkit to publicly hosted servers, setting up the BSD-licensed software as an open project
Opera has also released couple of tools to help with Opera Dragonfly development. The first is Dragonkeeper. This is a standalone proxy, which translates STP (Scope Transport Protocol) to HTTP. This can also be useful for remote debugging. The second tool is Hob. Hob is a utility to create code from Protocol Buffer descriptions. Protocol Buffers are one of the formats Scope STP-1 supports along with JSON and XML.
Opera Dragonfly has been rewritten to use this faster and more efficient version of Scope. Now that the underlying protocol is stable and performant, and a public desktop build has been released with this included, Opera has decided that it is time to put Opera Dragonfly on a public Mercurial repository.The Dragonfly toolkit can debug any client that runs the Scope protocol, meaning mobile phones and TVs can be debugged from the desktop without using an emulator.