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Google voice goes real time
Category : General 26 Apr 2010 09:32 AM | Industry News
The updated Google Voice Android app brings one other noteworthy change: It adds integrated contact information into the Google Voice inbox. That means you can access options to e-mail or IM any contact simply by tapping on their photo while in the Google Voice inbox.
You need to activate Inbox synchronization for that. For that, just pen the Google Voice settings on your phone and touchRefresh and notification. Once you have selected the Synchronize Inbox option, you will start receiving faster notifications. Also, Google Voice will automatically disable SMS forwarding to your mobile phone, so you won’t receive duplicate notifications. Apart from that now you can click on any contact photo and get the option to quickly respond to voicemail by email or IM.
This version of the app now replaces timed syncs with a checkbox to “Synchronize Inbox” (which on my Nexus One was enabled by default). This will push voicemail and SMS updates to you within seconds, much like way Gmail is updated.
Also, once installed, the new version will automatically disable SMS forwarding to your mobile phone, so you won’t have to worry about duplicate notifications anymore. This means you can now get rid of that Text Messaging portion of your cell phone bill, since you have unlimited text over.
This tool alerts users of Android smartphones to new text messages or voicemails within seconds of receiving new messages in your Google Voice inbox.
Previously, alerts of new messages appeared within 15 minutes of when they were sent, which is a veritable horse-and-buggy approach in today's uber-speedy world of real-time messaging. Now Google Voice will behave more like push e-mail.
This sync isn't switched on by default. Google Voice for Android users must open the Google Voice settings on their phone and touch refresh and notification.