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Hacker uprises rootkit for ATMs
Category : General 07 May 2010 07:07 AM | Industry News
Security researcher Barnaby Jack will deliver a talk on ATM security vulnerabilities and disclose a new ATM rootkit at the Black Hat Las Vegas conference, to be held July 28 and 29.
Jack plans to attack ATMs both locally and remotely, while targeting their underlying software in particular. In this respect, he will also demo an ATM rootkit that is able to function across several platforms.
He was supposed to deliver the talk at last year's conference, but his employer, Juniper Networks, canceled the presentation after an ATM maker threatened legal action.
However, as a respectable security researcher, he doesn't plan to leave ATM manufacturers with a huge target on their back after his talk. Instead, he promises to give them ideas of how they can fend off such attacks and implement better safeguards in their machines.
While ATM attacks are commonly associated with items such as card skimmers, Jack’s talk will focus on bugs in the software used to run the machines.