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Qakbot Worm Steals 2 GB Of Confidential Data Per Week
Category : General 10 May 2010 02:45 AM | Industry News
The stolen information includes online banking credentials, credit card information, social network credentials and e-mail account details. In a nutshell, every bit of information an infected user types into their browser is stolen. In addition, the Qakbot author or authors have not put much effort into securing the stolen information. Thus, anyone with nefarious intentions and a sample of the threat can access the stolen data quite easily.
Symantec researchers have been following two of the six FTP servers to which the data is sent, and during a period of two weeks, some 4 GB of data was uploaded to them. “Given that these figures are based on the evidence from logs obtained from only two servers over two weeks, the actual numbers may be higher,” they say.
The research also found more than 100 compromised computers on a Brazilian regional government network. “Whoever is behind Qakbot has not put much effort into securing the stolen information,” Symantec reported. “Anyone with a sample of this threat who knows what they are doing will be able to access this data quite easily,” it continued. “At the time of this writing, we have only observed Qakbot stealing consumer-based information. But since Qakbot also functions as a downloader, corporate environments compromised by Qakbot could find themselves defending a more serious attack if appropriate action is not taken now.”