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Windows XP SP2 nears end of IE patches
Category : General 14 Jun 2010 03:56 AM | Industry News
Clients will require to install Windows XP SP3 in arrange to influence the extensive support, which will run during April 2014," a Microsoft presenter said in an e-mail respond to questions.
"There is no differentiation for XP SP2 customers running IE."
Perform of connecting browser scrap to operating systems' support existence cycles is a long-standing Microsoft policy.
Though, it means that clients yet depending on Windows XP SP2 will be at danger for developing of any IE susceptibility that Microsoft patches after July.
According to data from Qualys, about half of all enterprise computers running Windows XP were yet using SP2 as of late last month.
Customers will need to install [Windows] XP SP3 in order to leverage the extended support (which includes security updates), which will run through April 2014," a Microsoft spokeswoman said.
To continue to receive IE security updates, users must upgrade to Windows XP SP3, shift to a newer edition of Windows, or manually download the browser updates from Microsoft's site. The latter, however, is not supported.