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Guidelines for Antivirus Software Tests Released
Category : General 16 Jun 2010 01:32 AM | Industry News
The organisation’s new Performance Testing Guidelines recommends that testers also look at measurements that matter to users such as the effect antivirus products have on issues such as boot speed, application loading, memory usage, network overhead and battery drain.
The document even suggests that testing should measure the impact on everyday tasks such as Internet browsing, opening popular types of files such as Word and PDF, and downloading email.
For an industry that has tended until recently to focus on comparative detection tests against a limited and not necessarily especially demanding family of malware examples, this represents a bit of a sea change.
The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organisation (AMTSO) has added resources for software testers to its guideline document and resources repositories.
Its members have recently adopted two testing guideline papers, with new guidelines advocating a more balanced look at the effectiveness of products, taking into account multiple layers of detection and protection.”
“The way antivirus programs are rated could be set for a much-needed overhaul after the organisation set up by security vendors to influence test design urged researchers to spend more time on basic issues such as performance.
The new testing methodology recommended by the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organisation (AMTSO) notes that today’s tests put too much emphasis on isolating individual layers of security within a product and fixate on detection rates.”