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Google Chrome Browser to Gain Plug-in Protection
Category : General 02 Jul 2010 10:15 AM | Industry News
The Google team said this was necessary because of the recent proliferation of attacks targeting plug-in exploits, including the rapid increase in attacks against Adobe plug-ins such as Reader and FlashPlayer.
No specific date for exactly when Chrome would roll out this feature was provided by the trio, only saying that it would be implemented in the “medium-term”. They did indicate, however, that Google Chrome would block the outdated plug-ins and aid users in updating them to the most current version.
Chrome and Firefox are already updated automatically with security patches, but these new initiatives are set to make Google's browser even more secure.
Most computer users are used to installing them and this can create security issues.
According to Google, there has been marked increase in the amount of attacks carried out by cyber criminals using plug-ins to target the security of the browser.
The Chrome browser has already been given the updates through automated security patches.
These may be an inconvenience but the purpose of this exercise is to make the Chrome browser more secure and safe for the user to surf the net as they please.