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Amazon launches cluster computing cloud
Category : General 14 Jul 2010 11:48 AM | Industry News
The cloud model that Amazon uses for EC2 consists of multiple compute nodes, loosely coupled, with each node running a collection of tasks from different clients. Cloud tasks are short-lived, lightweight with respect to compute intensity, and agnostic about the underlying node hardware. Clients bring up multiple tasks on different nodes, and multiple clients often share each node.
This server represents an aggregate of 33.5 EC2 compute units and presents 23 GB of virtual memory to the HPC application running atop it. This is four times the extra large EC2 slice in terms of compute units, according to Amazon. The chips run in 64-bit mode, which is necessary to address more than 2 GB of memory in a node.
Amazon EC2 general manager Peter De Santis said an 880-node cluster achieved 41.82 TFlops on a LINPACK test.
Amazon has completed beta tests with US customers including the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, MATLAB developer MathWorks and Adapting Computing.