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Microsoft: Windows 7 slates coming this year
Category : General 15 Jul 2010 12:59 PM | Industry News
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claimed that PC partners including Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Asus will be releasing multiple Windows 7 tablet PCs before the end of the year. Addressing a crowd of 14,000 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC, Ballmer asserted that Microsoft was "all in" in regards to the slate form factor.
At the conference, he announced that seven tablet PCs running on Windows 7 will be released this year but he did not mention specific release dates. The tablet PCs would come in various forms some dockable, some with keyboards and other features.
The thing about tablets is that there may very well be room for a wide range of different types of devices. Just as there are inexpensive netbooks and high end gaming rigs on the laptop space, we could start to see Android, iOS, and WebOS tablets selling for $500 or less and Windows 7 tablets with more powerful processors and advanced features such as hardware keyboards, active digitizer for handwriting recognition and artistic endeavors selling for much higher prices.
Microsoft's strategy appears to center around creating a device that will fit in with Microsoft's existing management and security products. Ballmer was quoted as saying, "We want to give you a consumer-oriented device, but a device that fits and is manageable with today's enterprise IT solutions."