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Cybercriminals having easy time cracking corporate webs
Category : General 30 Jul 2010 04:21 AM | Industry News
More than half of the breaches investigated by Verizon in 2009 occurred outside the U.S., while the bulk of the breaches investigated by the Secret Service occurred in the U.S. The report finds no correlation between an organization’s size and its chances of suffering a data breach.
“Thieves are more likely to select targets based on the perceived value of the data and cost of attack than victim characteristics such as size,” Verizon researchers noted.
Including 84 of Secret Service's data-breach cases last year, the report covered more than 143 million compromiseed data records.
Verizon noted that details of about two-thirds of cases in its report would never be disclosed because disclosure was not mandatory in many countries.
Although data breaches had declined, Verizon found its investigations last year were "quite large and complex", involving many parties, countries, related incidents and assets.
Cyber crimes are intrusive and common occurrences. The companies in the study experienced 50 successful attacks per week and more than one successful attack per company per week.
The most costly cyber crimes are those caused by web attacks, malicious code and malicious insiders. These account for more than 90 percent of all cyber crime costs per organization on an annual basis.
In this benchmark study sample, the average number of days to resolve a cyber attack was 14 days with an average cost to the organization of $17,696 per day. The survey revealed that malicious insider attacks can take up to 42 days or more to resolve.