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Gmail Now Allows Multiple Log-ins For One Browser
Category : General 06 Aug 2010 04:43 AM | Industry News
Google this week changed things up a little to allow multiple sign-ins from the same browser. By clicking the link next to "multiple sign-in" on the Google accounts page, you can sign in with up to two additional accounts. A drop-down menu allows you to easily toggle back and forth between the three. Most importantly, you can finally have different Gmail account tabs open in the same browser.
The Google Operating System blog noted that when users go to their Google accounts Web page, they will see a new "multiple sign-in" option under the "e-mail addresses" option.
Users who enable it will see a drop-down menu next to their e-mail address that lets them choose which Google account they wish to sign into. Underneath this menu, a warning tells users to check their address to make sure they're using the correct account.
Multiple sign-in will let you open Gmail in multiple tabs, log in using different accounts and read the messages from all your accounts without opening another browser. Right now, you have to log out before logging in to a different account.
The multiple sign-in feature can be turned on at the account settings page, enabling multiple sign-in for Google App Engine, Code, Calendar, Gmail, Reader, Sites, Voice and, in the near future, Google Docs. Mobile versions and other Google products do not support multiple sign-in and will instead default to the first account signed in to from the browser. Signing out of Google will sign users out of all logged-in accounts.
Google warns that "Enabling multiple sign-in will disable Offline products like Offline Gmail and Offline Calendar, as well as any browser bookmarks you've set to link to your accounts." It goes on to say that if you want to continue using these products, do not enable multiple sign-in.