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Google Releases New Chrome Beta
Category : General 13 Aug 2010 05:52 AM | Industry News
Google announced today that their popular Chrome browser has a brand spanking new Beta. This new version of Chrome introduces speed increases, Safari-esque AutoFill, better browser syncing, and user interface improvements.
One of the new Google Chrome 6 Beta features is “Autofill,” which allows users to easily and quickly fill out forms by remembering specific personal information such as name, address, phone number, and even credit card numbers. For security purposes, credit card numbers will not be saved by default. Instead, the browser will ask users whether they would like to save the number or not.
And Chrome's most recent beta iteration is faster than its predecessor. Hawkins says it's 15% faster using the V8 benchmark and 15% faster using the SunSpider benchmark, both of which measure JavaScript performance.
"For your security, any personal information stored in Chrome is safely stored and kept private until a user chooses to share the information with a website," said Hawkins. "Additionally, your credit card information is never saved without first asking you explicitly."
The browser’s skin has been tweaked slightly to streamline the tab and button layouts, and there’s a new unified button that marries the old Tools and Menu buttons found in previous versions of Chrome. The new menu button holds all the most popular controls, as well as some oddly placed buttons for zooming pages, launching fullscreen mode, and performing copy/paste tasks. I don’t think any of us are going to be abandoning keyboard shortcuts for these options any time soon.