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Millions of Web Websites Hacked by Malicious Widget
Category : General 18 Aug 2010 03:01 AM | Industry News
The recent infection of potentially millions of web sites has been traced to a widget installed by Network Solutions on the site.
This infected website element was automatically added to each "parked" domain-default registered websites which have not been updated and created by well known hosting provider Network Solutions. Parked domains are registered domains, but they have no owner-provided content.
This widget changed each and every affected domain into a drive-by attack website which serves the multi-exploit called "Nuke" toolkit against users running Opera, IE, Chrome and Firefox. A Trojan downloader hit the Windows PC if the kit gets success to hack the browser. All the searches are redirected and pop up ads appear on the screen.
According to the company, the websites are spreading a variant of the Kobeface malware through an embeddable web widget survey called 'Small Business Success Index' which was hijacked by hackers.
The company said that the web widget was available for download from 5 million parked websites hosted on domain hosting services provider Network Solutions.
Using several search engines, Huang estimated that that infected widget appeared on between 500,000 and 5 million domains. Monday, he bet on the bigger of the two numbers. "Search engines are generally not keen on indexing parked domains," he said, saying that Yahoo and other search sites provided may thus undercount infected domains.
Network Solutions contested Huang's estimate. "The numbers reported over the weekend are not accurate," said company spokeswoman Susan Wade. "We're still investigating to determine the number affected."