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Internet Explorer 9 Free of Windows 7 Exclusivity Tag
Category : General 30 Sep 2010 12:50 PM | Insider News
Prior to its release, the new partially anticipated browser: Internet Explorer 9 was said to be exclusive for Windows 7 only. By “Exclusive”, Microsoft meant that even though the browser will be available on other OS, Windows 7 will be the only OS to support all features and special privileges in IE9.
According to Gregg Keizer of Computer World, Microsoft was really planning on making Windows 7 SP1 mandatory for all IE9 users. Regardless of any special browser related requirements, it was a great move to herd users towards Windows 7 platform. There is a strong probability that Internet Explorer may not require for you to install Windows 7. Chances are that the browser will work with copies of Vista or older editions, but nothing has been confirmed yet.
There are chances that Internet Explorer 9 will be a strictly exclusive. Tech gurus believe that organizations, which have been hooked to the Internet Explorer franchise, need to move up a few gears and install Windows 7 as the primary OS.