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BlackBerry Makers Announced their New Tablet – The Playbook
Category : General 05 Oct 2010 10:55 AM | Insider News
BlackBerry is no longer the cherry on top of RIM’s cake. Recently, Researched in Motion already introduced their first ever tablet computer which would compete with the likes of iPad. The announcement was made during a conference held in San Francisco. But of course, they have not forgotten about BlackBerry yet. They called it as the BlackBerry PlayBook which targets mainly the corporate or business users.
Michael Lazaridis said that the BlackBerry Playbook is considered as the first professional tablet in the world. After their company made the wireless e-mail became popular, Research In Motion has never failed to become one of the leaders when it comes to the smartphone market.
And since R.I.M has just announced about their tablet, there is no doubt that critics and analysts would still endlessly talk how the company is trying to catch up with Apple Inc. But the co-chief executive of R.I.M said that their PlayBook is somehow different from the infamous iPad from Steve Jobs’ company. BlackBerry PlayBook has more and better features. Most of the features present at the PlayBook were requested by the corporate I.T. department of their company.
During the same conference, Michael Lizaridis kept on emphasizing that it is indeed the “first professional tablet.” At the same time, he said that the BlackBerry PlayBook is already compatible with the servers used by the government as well as corporations. In this way, they could use R.I.M’s new tablet to monitor and control their employees using their respective BlackBerry devices.
They did discuss about the features of the BlackBerry PlayBook, Research In Motion did not answered a couple of questions including the price of the tablet. Moreover, they still did not give a clear answer about the release date of the PlayBook as well.