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Price Factor Will Hinder Samsung Galaxy Tab’s Success
Category : General 13 Oct 2010 11:11 AM | Insider News
The iPad is still posing to be an unbeatable contender in the tablet market. Not that its super perfect and all that, it’s just the overall features and pricing that makes it so good. Forget about Dell Streak, the only other tablet that is a potential rival against the iPad is Samsung Galaxy.
The Galaxy tablet is good; it has potential and just lacks one small thing. It’s the price factor. Seeing that there are not multiple editions of the Samsung tablet, its price is a little too high for people. Sprint and T-Mobile are offering the device at $400; a 2 year contract is also added to the package. The initial information suggests that you’re getting a $200 discount for contractual commitment, but that’s not how it looks.
Samsung is forcing users into an unnecessary binding contract with independent wireless carriers. If in case, there’s a $15 data plan (which I believe to be true), the overall cost of owning the tablet goes up to $750 or $800. Where’s the discount in that? Users do have the option of paying the full price to purchase the tablet without any contractual bindings. However, $650 for Samsung Galaxy Tablet is a little over the counter, if compared to the $500 16 GB iPad.
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