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Google Puts Bounty on Web Bugs
Category : General 27 Nov 2010 02:51 AM | Industry News
To keep Web services running smoothly, Google is excluding bugs caused by denial of service attacks and search optimization tricks. Technologies recently acquired by Google are also off-limits.
This isn't the first time Google has opened up security research to the masses with cash rewards. In January, the company announced a bounty program for Chromium, the open-source project behind Google's Chrome Web browser, following the lead of Mozilla's Firefox bounty program.
The move to Web apps, however, is an important and logical step for Google. The company is putting a lot of faith in Web apps as the future of computing, as evidenced by the upcoming Chrome OS. If users are going to store more and more sensitive information into online services, those services need to be secure.
It's difficult to provide a definitive list of vulnerabilities that will be rewarded," Google's Security Team explained, but added that "any serious bug which directly affects the confidentiality or integrity of user data" might be included in the scope of the scheme.
Google has instructed participants to search for flaws using their own accounts and not to access the data of other users.