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New type of ATM skimming attacks
Category : General 28 Nov 2010 08:11 AM | Industry News
Many banks have fitted ATMs with devices that are designed to thwart criminals from attaching skimmers to the machines. But it now appears in some areas that those devices are being successfully removed and then modified for skimming, according to the latest report from the European ATM Security Team (EAST), which collects data on ATM fraud throughout Europe.
To be sure, 11 of 16 European countries (covered in the report) have experienced a significant increase in skimming attacks, with a new class of analog skimmer devices positively identified in at least 5 states.
A new type of attack has also been detected - a skimming device that contains an MP3 player adapted to record card details and that includes a micro-camera that record the PINs as they are entered by the customers.
Installing malicious software on an ATM is a more sophisticated way to execute fraud. One country of the five major deployers saw this style of attack, which was first seen in Eastern Europe in 2007.
"The use of audio technology to record data stored on the magnetic stripe on the backs of all credit and debit cards has been well understood for many years," explained security expert Brian Krebs.