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Cloud Security Trends Experts See for 2011
Category : General 18 Dec 2010 09:21 AM | Industry News
Enterprise computing is changing rapidly with advances in cloud computing. The benefits of computing on a shared utility model are beginning to make sense, and vendors are offering viable solutions that deliver real benefits. Despite an increased adoption rate, the cloud still presents a number of challenges, with security being a major concern. As 2011 approaches and more companies make the move to the cloud, here are security trends in cloud computing that we expect to see.
- The protection of mobile devices will play a more important role. Providing more complex identification and aunthentication solutions for mobile devices will become a particular for area of focus due to the expected increase in the volume of mobile malware attacks.
- A late reaction. Companies will start to move part of their data storage and applications to the Cloud, culminating in the gradual establishment of Cloud-based data security solutions by the end of 2011.
- Possible increase in the State support of cyber-attacks such as Stuxnet will build on the concepts and techniques of the commercial hacking industry; thus an increase in unnoticed and ongoing spy networks (Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)) will be made possible.
- In the security industry, the topic of security management generally involves "people, processes and technology." As previously mentioned, we'll likely see vendors working with companies to address specific concerns with the cloud, though this leaves "people" and "processes" in need of some help.
In 2011, companies will also begin to more actively assess the security of their cloud providers. While some tools currently exist, we can expect more tools to become available for cloud users. Some tools today allow for cloud users to replace existing spreadsheets that list questions for their cloud providers. Other tools include an assessment of the provider's network security posture. Cloud users will also adopt tools to allow for their existing processes to be streamlined to perform continual review of their cloud providers, while also consolidating information to enable insight into the overall risk view of their providers.
Cloud computing has driven year over year shifts in business, and 2011 promises to be no different. The year ahead will see cloud confusion give way to more businesses moving entirely to the cloud, greater adoption of the mobile cloud as critical enterprise functionality is extended to multiple devices, and increased focus and standardization around cloud identify management.