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Cloud Based Secured Messaging Service Launched by VaporStream
Category : General 26 Dec 2010 08:38 AM | Industry News
VaporStream introduced the next generation of its confidential messaging platform, providing users a way to communicate confidentially without fear of private conversations being compromised.
Confidential Messaging PlatformVaporStream’s platform features expanded mobile access, desktop ease-of-use, as well as content filtering capabilities to provide enterprises with a confidential business communications channel. VaporStream enables recordless messaging interactions that eliminate the potential for damaging information compromises and regulatory compliance infractions that can occur with email, instant and text messaging.
Because no VaporStream message is ever stored on a disk drive, only in RAM, there is no record of the transaction at the point of sending, in transit or at the receiver's end. VaporStream messages can be sent and read at a user’s convenience, but unlike email, they “vaporize” after being read. The company says that its solution has been forensically verified that messages in the system, once reviewed, no longer exist anywhere. VaporStream messages cannot be copy/cut/pasted, forwarded, saved or printed, preventing sensitive information from being passed on to parties who should not see it. The system utilizes TLS encryption during transit, and patented technology that splits the header from the body of the message to prevent meaningful end point “screen grabs” that reveal a sender’s identity.
VaporStream is a software-as-a-service solution designed for enterprises of all sizes. It is particularly suited for industries where enterprises must communicate information that is highly sensitive, such as law, healthcare, government, military intelligence and insurance.
The technology is especially useful to TIP Capital executives when they're on the road and can't communicate sensitive information with clients or others in a private manner, Grady says. "In this age you can never be too safe," Grady says. "It doesn't replace e-mail, but it provides a very secure channel for communications."