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Google Search Alerts against Hacked Websites
Category : General 23 Dec 2010 10:06 AM | Industry News
Google claims using several automated tools for detecting the hacked websites quickly. As soon as something suspicious is spotted, Google flags the site as compromised when it appears in Search Results. Just in case you think the website has been flagged wrongly or continues to be flagged as hacked, then you can always request a review for removal of the notice.
Promising updates will keep you secured from getting infected. Google's hacked site notifications are helpful when you're searching for some program or crucial system files to download and fix your system.
Google notifications will now you regarding a webpage that contains malicious code. Unlike, earlier when clicking on a link during the search result would not let you know if the link is healthy or malicious and extracting all the important files stored on your computer system. But, with Google’s Search Engine updates, today you can know for sure if the link you wish to click is safe or hacked.
The notice- ‘This site may be compromised’ helps you avoid the pages that have been compromised with malicious code and spam to attack the visitor’s system.