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Bogus White House Christmas E-Card Swipes Government Documents
Category : General 05 Jan 2011 10:26 AM | Industry News
Recently, information security professionals identified data breach by cybercriminals. The offenders reportedly sent e-mails to government employees and contracted professionals. The e-mail address was spoofed to make it appear as sent from domain. The e-mail message thanked the staff for their contribution and conveyed greetings for the holidays. The message also contained a greeting card link. While the staff may have overjoyed on receiving e-mail from white house, they were actually victims of a spear phishing attack, wherein sensitive information was stolen from their computers.
An interesting aspect of this threat is that the payload involves a second component, a Perl script converted to EXE format with a tool called Perl2exe.
This component searches the computer for all PDF, DOC and XLS files and uploads them to a remote server controlled by the attackers.
Security expert Brian Krebs was able to identify some of the government entities that fell victim to the spoofed eCard. Some of the victims included an intelligence analyst with the Massachusetts State Police, an employee at the National Science Foundation's Office of Cyber Infrastructure and an employee of the Financial Action Task Force.