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Stolen ITunes Accounts for Sale in China
Category : General 08 Jan 2011 01:27 AM | Industry News
The accounts, which were linked to stolen credit cards, were found on Chinese auction site where consumers could purchase limited access to their contents. Account content is being advertised priced approximately 1 yuan (10p) to 200 yuan (£20), the amount paid depends on which content you have access to, including music, video, film and applications.
Potential buyers are being tempted by the promise of up to seven times the value of downloads as the asking price. Listings are often displayed with screenshots of the hacked iTunes accounts as verification that the sale is for real.
The only restriction on the purchase is the warning that all downloads should be made within 24 hours of purchase, as past that the owner of the account is likely to notice the extra payments on their account.
After paying your chosen amount, a user on TaoBao would send through an ITunes user name and password, the account to which still showed the credit card details and billing address of its legal user.
TaoBao has said that, although the accounts were obtained illegally, they were sold on the site legally and have said that "until we receive a valid takedown request, we cannot take action".
ITunes users who believe to have had their account hacked are advised to remove any credit card details and personal information immediately.