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UK fifth worst for spam relaying
Category : General 13 Jan 2011 06:27 AM | Industry News
The UK decreased its percentage of total spam output compared to the third quarter last year – from 5 percent to 4.54 percent – however it remains in fifth place overall.
Sophos noted that, while the same countries continue to dominate in terms of spam output, the nature of the spam being distributed is becoming more malicious.
Back in August, the UK was ranked as fourth worst and in the entire third quarter of last year the country was responsible for five per cent of all global spam.
The US kept the unenviable number one spot, with India, Brazil and Russia making up the rest of the top five.
"Spam is certainly here to stay, however, the motivations and the methods are continuing to change in order to reap the greatest rewards for the spammers," explained Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.
"What's becoming even more prevalent is the mailing of links to poisoned web pages - victims are tricked into clicking a link in an email, and then led to a site that attacks their computer with exploits or attempts to implant fake anti-virus software."
Security researchers have still not found a verifiable reason for why the likes of Rustock temporarily went out of the spamming business.
Whilst the botnet did not send out messages over the holiday period, Rustock continued to carry out click fraud on adverts across the web.