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A Security Flaw in the Mac App Store
Category : General 11 Jan 2011 10:53 AM | Industry News
The new service allows people to find and download approved applications to their Apple computers.
However pirates suggest that the loopholes mean many pieces of paid-for software are vulnerable to unauthorised copying.
Apple chief executive Steve Jobs had hailed the launch as "innovative", but the company has yet to respond to the claims.
Some applications and programs App Mac could copy and share without paying for them. The ruling does not affect all content, but for now the group responsible for the discovery did not want to specify the list of affected content.
It seems to detect security breaches are becoming all a hobby for many users. The last to detect errors of this type has been a group called Hackulous. Their findings in this case affect the Mac App According to recent reports of media , the group of hackers has found that some applications and programs can be copied and shared without copying the code to pay only the original purchase.
Among the affected applications referred to the popular game 'Angry Birds', but have not released more titles. The group has refused to comment on all the affected content explaining: "we do not devalue and frustrate application developers."