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Spam clock adds rubbish on the internet
Category : General 14 Jan 2011 04:54 AM | Industry News
A similar clock has been launched by search engine visitor Blekko, usually it’s counting how most spam pages have been combined upon a Internet each second. Since Jan 1 alone, 156.8 million spam pages have been combined upon a Web, as well as a time keeps counting as well as counting….
Skrenta fears which a Web is headed a approach of e-mail. It’s estimated which 90 percent of e-mail trade upon a Internet is spam. Imagine what surfing a Web would be similar to if 90 percent of all Web pages were spam racks for advertising.
More specifically, we're seeing at blekko is a non-stop firehose of web spam. Millions of pages generated every day solely for the purpose of getting indexed by the major search engines and syphoning traffic from them. Of course the goal of this traffic is not to inform, but to monetize users through a variety of ad networks.
“What happened to e-mail was a outcome of really absolute economics,” Skrenta explains. “Spammers as well as criminal artists detected they could strech a large assembly for pennies. And this scale of assembly radically upon trial a really tiny though essential return. Today a mercantile incentives for web spammers have been even some-more remunerative than email spam as well as roughly pledge a one after another snowstorm of rabble upon a Web.”
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