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Email: worm infects Twitter again
Category : General 21 Jan 2011 01:58 AM | Industry News
The attack sends malicious links that take recipients clicking on them to a website Create an online store today -- 30 day free trial. Click here to learn more. hosting the "Security Shield" antivirus software program.
When users land on that site, they are essentially tricked into downloading and paying for the Security Shield application.
Twitter is resetting the passwords of accounts that are spreading the malicious link.
However, people are warned that since the virus is relatively new, the URL or more particularly the “R7f68” or “od0az” tails could still change.
The user is then invited to remove all the threats from their computer by downloading a fake anti-virus called Security Shield.
Noting that "thousands of Twitter users are finding that their accounts have been tweeting out malicious links without their permission, pointing to a fake anti-virus attack," Cluley elaborated: "A quick search on the popular micro- blogging network finds many tweets from users containing no message other than a goo. gl shortened link, which itself points to a URL ending with "m28sx. html".