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Kaspersky Lab hit by AV software source code leak
Category : General 01 Feb 2011 12:13 PM | Industry News
"The source code of an older version of 'Kaspersky Internet Security' has been circulated on the internet. The code was created in late 2007 and was probably stolen in early 2008. Names contained in the source indicate that the stolen code was probably a beta version of the 2008 software package – the current release is Kaspersky Internet Security 2011.
The beta code was originally swiped by a corrupt employee who tried to sell the technology prior to being arrested and convicted for intellectual property theft.
The thief has reportedly been trying to sell the code on the black market for some time, and Kaspersky says that the code archive already appeared in various private forums last November."
"The stolen source code is related to one of the previous product lineups, and since then the company has renewed all key protection technologies," Kaspersky's statement reads. "The stolen code represents a very small part of the modern product source code, and is not related to protection functionality."
The company continues to maintain that the leak does not affect the security of its users or products, because all critical protection technologies have been radically changed since then.
The little code that is still present verbatim is not related to any security features. Fragments of the Kaspersky antivirus engine, the most important asset of any AV business, were present in the leaked sources, but it has since been redesigned and updated.