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Trend Micro Warns of Increased Android Malware
Category : General 22 Oct 2012 11:56 AM | Industry News
Trend Micro, a content security software provider, has released its third quarter roundup report, which highlighted threats surrounding mobile phones as well as zero day exploits targeting Java and Internet Explorer, among other problems.
The trend is said to be due to the increasingly aggressive behavior of advertising networks that offer mobile app developers a variety of ways to display ads.
Ads contained within an app are considered legitimate; as long as the app developer discloses the personal information used to display advertising that is most relevant to the recipient.
The process becomes a privacy issue when app developers take more information than they originally asked for and then sell it to ad networks.
"These aggressive apps can force your device to leak more information than what's necessary, which can become a privacy and security risk," said Tom Kellerman, vice president for cybersecurity for Trend Micro.
Hackers often know the apps that gather excessive amounts of personal data and will write malware capable of siphoning off the information, Kellerman said.