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Category : General 14 Nov 2011 06:34 AM | Industry News
In addition to public instant messenger services used for communications between companies, Symantec Instant Messaging will cover federated applications of Microsoft Lync. read more »
Category : General 08 Nov 2011 07:28 AM | Industry News
In its latest 'Global Phishing Survey', the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) reports a significant increase in phishing sites targeting Chinese Internet users. read more »
Category : General 04 Nov 2011 01:45 AM | Industry News
Bank apologises to customers prevented from accessing online banking service and withdrawing money amid technical hitch read more »
Category : General 03 Nov 2011 01:41 AM | Industry News
Half of all spam email was relayed via computers in Asia in the third quarter of 2011, according to a new study by computer security firm Sophos. read more »
Category : General 02 Nov 2011 03:23 AM | Industry News
A newly identified Mac OS X Trojan bundles a component that leverages the processing power of video cards (GPUs) to generate Bitcoins, a popular type of virtual currency. read more »
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