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Application Hosting
Once a Software as a Service (SAAS) or custom solution has been developed, the next area of importance is selecting a server to host the application and implementing a database for the application backend. The subsequent concern would be maintaining the system and determining the connectivity infrastructure. In most cases, with small to medium business, the cost and man power requirement would be too expensive, which is where Dual Layer steps in.
We can host the custom developed application on our servers, thereby transferring the responsibility to us to maintain the services, provide 24x7 technical support, ensure physical and electronic security, as well as built-in support for business continuity. By outsourcing your application hosting you save on costly hardware investment, avoid having to purchase additional software such as operating systems, MSSQL etc., and hand off deployment and integration to a team of experts.
The advantages of utilizing our services include:
  • Physical and electronic security provisioning for both the point of accessing the application and the data
  • Software systems maintenance. All software are kept up to date, available and managed for optimal performance
  • Improved reliability, availability, scalability and security of internal IT systems
  • Reduction of internal IT costs to a predictable monthly based fee
As important, another benefit of outsourcing your application hosting is the ability to redeploy your IT staff and tools to focus on strategic technology projects that impact the enterprise bottom line.
We offer the following application hosting solutions:
In certain business scenarios, custom applications may have to be very secured limiting access to the application to a specified group of users, in order to protect data from being sniffed over the internet during use. In this case, you would not want to host the application on the internet, but instead make the application available only in a closed secured network. We offer two variants of secured application hosting:
  1. SSL Hosting
    Hosting the application over SSL (Secured Socket Layer) ensures that the application data is protected end to end over a secured layer. This option serves as data security and does not guarantee the access security. For access and data security, our next option VPN hosting is highly recommended.
  2. VPN Hosting
    The application is hosted in an isolated network, which can be assessed only by users who connect to our server via VPN. Users are provided with a username and password, which is entered in the VPN client. VPN secured application hosting guarantees both access and data security.
In some cases, based on the business requirement, the custom application might have a mixed audience of both secured and internet users. In such scenarios, we can host the application in two parts – one portion hosted on the internet segment and the other portion hosted on a secured segment.